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The Civil War in Missouri

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Information Sheets

The capture of Camp Jackson established Union control in St. Louis.

Francis Blair became deeply involved in politics in Missouri, doing all he could to support a family friend, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, in his fight against the Whig Party.

Gen. Lyon, assisted by Col. Frank Blair Jr., gathered a force to drive the secessionist government from the capital, Jefferson City.

Capt. Lyon was at the center of organizing Union supporters who would eventually be mustered into Federal service.

Jessie Benton Frémont was a unique 19th-century woman because she had a powerful influence on public events.

The Minute Men was a paramilitary group established in St. Louis on January 7, 1861.

The Wide Awakes were political clubs in cities across the North, including in St. Louis, during the election of 1860.

Primary Source Activities

Students will use primary documents to explore and form conclusions about a mystery event during the Civil War in St. Louis.

Students will use an image of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek to understand more fully the events of the battle, their horrific consequences, and the way that war images were created.


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Lincoln's Resolute Unionist Hamilton Gamble, Dred Scott Dissenter and Missouri's Civil War Governor by Dennis Bowman

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The Battle of Wilson's Creek by Edwin Bearss

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