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The Civil War in Missouri

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Mobilizing for War

Information Sheets

Faced with low wages, and frustrated by the hiring of women and boys at substandard wages, many workers went on strike.

The Excelsior Stove Works was established in 1849 to make products of the Excelsior Manufacturing Company.

James Buchanan Eads and his artisans made 14 of the 22 ironclad gunboats used during the Civil War.

Yeatman was an industrialist and founder of the Merchants’ Bank. However, it was his contributions to the community that are his most lasting legacy.

Jessie Benton Frémont was a unique 19th-century woman because she had a powerful influence on public events.

The Western Sanitary Commission provided a great deal of aid to sick and wounded Union soldiers.

Primary Source Activities

Students will use a photograph to learn and theorize about the changing conditions and reality of workers in St. Louis during the Civil War.


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